Waiariki orientation week starts Monday with free food, competitions, and various activities for new and returning students.

The week is put on by the institute's students association, WITSA.

"We are absolutely stoked with the interest and participation of the community groups coming to both show our students the services that they offer as well as inform them of the volunteer opportunities that they have during the year" said WITSA president, Virgil Iraia.

There will be over 30 organisations at the Waiariki hub over the four days from 12-1pm. These include service organisations, churches, political groups and clubs with free BBQ's, timeout zones on beanbags, clubs fundraising, Henna for a gold coin donation, free slushies, popcorn and candyfloss and more.


"We are wanting to provide a holistic approach to our student's needs" said Mr Iraia.

"We want our students to succeed and orientation is just one mechanism that WITSA and Waiariki provide. Orientation gives students the opportunity to have fun, meet new people and potential friends, win prizes and get more involved in their local community. WITSA has a small staff and group of volunteers and they have worked tirelessly to make this week a success and then we will be taking it to the regions."

Mr Iraia said they were blown away with the support from various businesses both local and national.

"Our major sponsors are Frucor with over 4000 cans of V energy drinks for Rotorua and our regional campuses, Ansell and Glyde have given us 1000's of condoms and lube, First Credit Union is sponsoring some of the food, Event Fun with an activity, Waste Management with a prize of a weekend use of a skip, the Edge with their supporters and Rotorua Youth Centre supplying us with a MC for the week."