If you find yourself a little bit peckish tomorrow head down to Neil Hunt Park where there will be a variety of delicious Dutch treats.

The Dutch Market at the Netherlands Society in Neil Hunt Park will be happening from 10am till noon.

Vice president of the Netherlands Society Douwe Visser said there would be plenty of Dutch delicacies including oliebollen, croquettes, Dutch cheese, smoked eel, salted herrings and tea and coffee.

"Oliebollen is something that they do in Holland on New Year's Eve, a sort of donut that you bake in hot oil and cover in icing sugar. It will be cooked fresh at the market."


He said another of the Dutch specialties was salted herrings which had been specially imported from Holland.

He said they also added a Kiwi aspect with the smoked eel because locals seemed to love it in the past.

"It's a place where people can meet up and have a chat. It's become more and more popular and has a great atmosphere.

"New Zealanders are a little bit curious to see what goes on and we would encourage them to come down," Mr Visser said.


* What: The Dutch Market

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* Cost: Free

* Time: 10am to 12pm

* Where: Neil Hunt Park