Seven people have been hurt in a multiple car crash south of Rotorua.

The crash happened on State Highway 5 near Tutukau Rd, Golden Springs, about 12pm yesterday.

Rotorua police Senior Sergeant Steven Shaw said an investigation into the crash was ongoing. He said because of the deteriorating weather conditions police were urging people to drive to the conditions and adjust speed when necessary.

Mr Shaw said multiple cars were involved but could not confirm exactly how many.


Sergeant Phil Wilkinson said he understood that at least a campervan and a car were involved.

Seven people were hurt in this multiple car crash south of Rotorua yesterday. Photo/Ben Fraser
Seven people were hurt in this multiple car crash south of Rotorua yesterday. Photo/Ben Fraser

Police attended the crash along with two fire trucks and three ambulances. It appeared the crash happened on a bend just before the Mihi Bridge.

Owen Johnston, the driver of the campervan, said it all happened so quickly.

"I didn't have a chance to do anything, it was all over in a few seconds," he said.

Mr Johnston said his wife Judy was a bit shaken up, but neither were injured. They were the only people in the camper-van.

The Rotorua Daily Post also spoke with a couple from Melbourne who were heading south and were involved in the crash. They were uninjured.

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St John Lakes area territorial manager Hilary Morrish Allen said seven people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. Ella Berryman from NZ River Jet, on the corner of State Highway 5 and Tutukau Rd, heard a car screech on the road but didn't see what happened.

"It's quite scary, I don't know how bad it is."

Paul Mines, a truck driver, was behind the campervan and said he felt sorry for the people involved.

"About 2km before it happened the campervan indicated to let me pass but I'm only allowed to go 90km/h so I just sat back with it. If I had passed it would have been me. At least no one was seriously hurt, that's the main thing," Mr Mines said.