Dead fish seen floating in Lake Rotorua are likely to be the result of a "natural phenomenon".

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has investigated the dead fish seen near the dog-walking area at Holden's Bay after inquiries by the Rotorua Daily Post.

Regional council lakes operations manager Andy Bruere said the dead bully seen floating were "pretty much a natural occurrence that happens".

He said the dead fish appeared to be in just one bay and it wasn't uncommon that the little bully about 8 or 9cm long washed up at this time of year.


Mr Bruere said staff were confident there was nothing untoward with the lake, as it wasn't uncommon for bullies to wash up on the shores of the lake at this time of year because they were prone to overexerting themselves during breeding.

"In one place there are quite a lot [of dead fish], in others cases there are a lot of seagulls [which get them].

"I would say it is just a natural occurrence and there is nothing we can do to change that."

Mr Bruere said it was good the public reported the fish, so the regional council could investigate.

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