Kids from all over town got to join their classmates and ride their bikes to school yesterday - as part of Go By Bike Day.

St Mary's Catholic School pupils met at Arawa Bowling Club in the morning before all rode the few blocks to school, with parents in hi-vis vests along the way to guide them.

Teacher Sheryl Todd said she thought it would be good to have a drop-off point near the school so everyone could participate.

"We have a lot of kids who live outside the area and we thought we would start up here [bowling club] so they could join in. It's been great and there have been heaps of parent helpers."


She said they had a great turnout with 240 kids, five staff and "heaps of parents".

Sisters Sara, 9, and Lina Stahlhut, 10, both said they were excited to bike to school because they lived in Owhata so weren't normally able to.

"I like biking because it makes me have more exercise and it's fun," Sara said. Lina said it was cool the school made this happen and she wished they could do it every day.

Parent helper Cindy James said she often biked to school because it promoted not using cars and "it's good for the kids because it raises bike safety awareness".

Go By Bike Day kickstarted the Rotorua Bike Festival by encouraging people to bike to work, school or play. There were four checkpoints where people could pick up a spot prize as well as go in the draw for one of three $100 vouchers.

-The Rotorua Bike Festival runs until February 21. Visit the event website

-Check out video of the kids biking to school at