Bike the Lake is more than 10 years old and remains a firm favourite at the Rotorua Bike Festival.

The event usually attracts around 500 people and race director Shane Hooks said the lake scenery and relatively easy ride appealed to families as well as people in the older age bracket, which is why it remained popular.

"It is a beautiful ride and people can choose to either do a social one lap ride or more serious, two-lap ride. "We have found it really appeals to the recreational rider and those over 50 in particular. It is just so fantastic to see people in their 60s still cycling. It might take them three hours to do one lap, but that is awesome."

He said 80 per cent of participants were "out of towners" who came to Rotorua for the weekend.


"We have always found the locals to be supportive of the race by having consideration on the roads, and the council has always been savvy in terms of the number of bed nights the event brings and it has always been really supportive," he said.

Bike the Lake brought many levels and ages of cyclists together and that was the original intention of the bike festival, said events manager for the Rotorua Lakes Council, Martin Croft.

"The bike festival has been a great way to bring the cycling community together to showcase the city. We have a massive following on Facebook and in Australia, and when people come here, they know they are coming to a cycle-friendly place."

- For details and to enter, go to
- What: Bike the Lake
- Where: From the Village Green
- When: Sunday, 7am