A power cut in the Kawaha Point area affecting nearly 300 households had been caused by a faulty cable that blew a Rotorua musician's expensive speakers.

Musician, music writer and producer Rodger Cunningham had noticed flickering power on Saturday night at his home on Taurus Place. On Sunday morning he noticed his speakers in his studio, valued at about $2000 each, had blown. He contacted Unison and linesmen came to fix the problem later that afternoon.

Mr Cunningham said he would investigate who would have to pay to fix his speakers.

With a background as an electronics technician, he said he knew how to supply power to ensure no overloading.


Unison Networks' relationship and customer care manager Danny Gough said the power went out to 298 customers from 5.51pm on Sunday. All customers had power by 10.20pm.

He said the cable basically melted.

Mr Gough said lines companies very rarely paid for damage as a result of faults.

"We advise customers to go through their own insurance and they will then contact us to give them a report on what happened."

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