Rotorua SPCA's latest statistics show its programmes are having a positive impact - with fewer animals being taken into the shelter each year.

Its collar and release programme has seen 90 per cent of cats returned to their owners, according to 2015 statistics released by the organisation.

Rotorua SPCA centre manager Eve Johnson said the programme consisted of putting a paper collar on cats with the SPCA details on them before putting the cats back where they were found.

If the collar was not taken off after about a week the SPCA can determine it was a stray, rather than a cat that wandered regularly and received food from other homes, she said.


Ms Johnson said statistics showed the new Bay of Plenty Community Cat Project was working.

The project involves collaboration between local animal authorities and local councils, looking to tackle stray cat colonies and help ensure the wellbeing of owned cats and native wildlife in the area.

"We have managed to manage 14 colonies and distribute those cats."

The SPCA had a good relationship with pet shop Animates and were able to distribute cats all over the country, she said.

"It gives us a really good out."

In managing these 14 colonies, 56 cats were trapped, 11 given back to their colony owners, 22 desexed and rehomed through Rotorua SPCA, 23 were euthanised due to health issues. Births were prevented for 16.

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Its desexing programme, which is now in its sixth year, had been reaping great results, Ms Johnson said.

"In our fifth year over 6000 animals were desexed.

"We've reduced the humane euthanasia figures, are trying to save as many as we can, and work with the community through our education programme to establish good pet ownership," Ms Johnson said.

The education programme was helping the community to become more aware and the charity was not getting animals dropped at its door as much, she said.

The number of animals being taken into the shelter had been decreasing over the past few years, with 3000 in 2013 dropping to 2200 in 2014 and down to about 1800 in 2015, she said.

Rotorua SPCA still has between 200 and 300 animals in the shelter.

Rotorua SPCA 2015 - By the numbers:

* 1882 animals taken in (down from 2200 in 2014)

* 26 per cent euthanised for feral behaviour or health issues

* Adopted out 910 animals and released 206. The majority of releases are birds

* 14 cat colonies managed

* Managed more than 5000 inquiries.

- Rotorua SPCA