Rotorua police are urging motorists to take extra care and be patient on the roads as school starts back up.

Officer in charge of Rotorua road policing, Senior Sergeant Nicky Riordan, said motorists should expect a high volume of both cars and pedestrians on and around the roads in the coming weeks.

"People need to reduce their speed and consider the increased number of people using the roads as children start going back to school.

"Our staff will have a high visible presence around the schools to ensure everybody is being safe and considerate."


She said parents should also take caution when picking up and dropping off their children.

"Make sure you have a clear plan of where to meet after school so children are not running across the road."

Ms Riordan said it was crucial for motorists to take into consideration the unfamiliarity and unpredictability of children.

"Children will be excited to see their friends and will not necessarily take the same precautions as an adult would when crossing the road. Be aware of this and make sure you have reduced your speed to 40km/h in school zones."

Back to school traffic:
- Reduce your speed to 40km/h around school zones.
- Leave for work earlier to avoid getting caught in school traffic.
- Be prepared to stop for children crossing the road.
- Reduce your speed to 20km/h when passing a stationary bus.

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25 Jan, 2016 8:29am
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