The Salvation Army Foodbank is chocka following the successful Rotorua Daily Post Christmas Appeal and Community Ministries manager Shelly Fischer says the supplies will last at least another six months.

"I reckon it looks like more than last year and we have more of a diverse range of stuff, I reckon it's going to last us about six to eight months before we have to start worrying about it," Ms Fischer said.

Salvation Army social worker Elizabeth Tai said everything was well organised over the Christmas period.

"Through Christmas Shelly and the volunteers did a fantastic job doing all the hampers and people were so happy with them," she said.


Ms Fischer said one woman had nominated 10 grandparents from the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust to get hampers. They were blown away by what was actually in them, she said.

"They couldn't believe that there was everything to make Christmas dinner, right down to the cream," Ms Fischer said.

She said it was always steady at the foodbank and although it did not really have a "peak season" it got a little bit busier over Christmas.

Ms Fischer said lately staff had been getting as many as 17 groups through in the two hours the foodbank was open.

"There are certain things that we just don't get given like meat, bread and milk powder so we do get short on those still, but we use cash donations to pick those things up," Ms Fischer said.

In order for the foodbank to keep running and prevent a crisis like the one it had late last year it still needs donations.

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If you would like to donate please contact (07) 346 8113 or head to the foodbank at Community House, 1115 Haupapa St