Rotorua might be having a warm, dry summer but that means locals are being bugged by flying frights and creepy crawlies.

Chris Brunel, manager at Bay Pest Services, said there has been an increase in bugs, spiders, cockroaches, ants and wasps in the city this summer.

"The El Nino weather patterns have made it much more dry and I think it will be a big wasp summer this year.

"We have had three wasp nests just today, it's normally not too bad, but this year has been crazy for wasps.


"If we get a lot of sun and it's hot, bugs get very active, at the moment we are getting about 10 to 15 calls a day."

He said throughout the year, his company did a lot of contract work but summer was always its busiest time.

"New Zealanders are insect phobic, we don't screen our houses like they do in Australia. We don't need to worry about our bugs because they aren't dangerous. People just don't like them."

Mr Brunel said it was important for people to seek good advice from a qualified pest controller before they tried to take care of the problem themselves.

Neil Olive, owner of Rotorua Pest Control, said he had also been busy.

"Everything has gone crazy, it's been a warm, dry summer so everything is busy. It's the heat of the sun and it gets like this at this time every year."

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He said there had been more flies and wasps this year but everything else was about the same as usual for this time.

"There's no dangerous bugs, New Zealand is pretty cool like that," Mr Olive said.

While it's wasps causing problems in Rotorua, over in Tauranga, Bugs at Bay owner Stuart Marshall said they had a big problem with cockroaches.

"Everybody has got Gisborne cockroaches from Katikati to Maketu. They will live anywhere and eat anything, including each other."

Rising temperatures also caused insect population explosions, he said, while Papamoa East had a major issue with spiders.

Entomologist Dr Cor Vink said he would not waste money on exterminating spiders and there was zero medical evidence that white tail spider venom was dangerous.

"It's just a painful bite but it doesn't cause anything else other than that.

"Spiders eat flies and pests around the house and live in their webs and don't do any harm."

However, you needed to get rid of German and American cockroaches as they could spread nasty diseases, he said.

Tips for controlling pests:
- What you can do: From November to May, wasps can be troublesome, particularly if you have a wasp nest near your premises. Wasps can be dangerous if you are allergic to the stings as anaphylactic shock from a sting can result in serious and potentially fatal swelling. If you are noticing high numbers of wasps in the area it is likely that there is a nest nearby which should be destroyed. It is best to call a professional for this.

- What professionals will do: You should call a professional at the start of summer as wasps are known to become more aggressive towards the end of summer. A professional will inspect the premises to find the nest which can be located inside or outside the building. The nest is sprayed with chemicals to destroy it.

- What you can do: If found inside, use insect spray to
get rid of visible insects. An auto spray can also be used, but remember to use minimally because of toxicity. Cockroaches like to have their stomach and back against something, which is why you'll find them in random places such as the mailbox and against appliances like the fridge. Afemale cockroach can lay 12 to 40 eggs at a time with some eggs taking months to hatch.

- What professionals will do: After a full inspection of the property, cracks and crevices are inspected and bait is laid which gets rid of cockroaches in two- three days. Because cockroaches are cannibals, the bait is effective as when eating each other, they will eat the bait too. Spray is only used if there is a large infestation. Glue boards are used to catch females, then, when their eggs are dropped on the board, they are destroyed too. The glue boards stay down for weeks and capture several waves of pests.

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