A bit of confidence, a few nerves and quite a lot of excitement - Ben Cullen is a picture of anticipation as he awaits his exam results.

The Auckland student is one of 145,000 teenagers across the country who will be able to view their NCEA marks online from mid-morning tomorrow.

For Ben, it is his first taste of school exams - he sat NCEA Level 1 last year in six subjects including his favourite, Drama, and the one he worries most about, Business Studies.

"The business studies exam was quite hard and it was the first time I'd done that subject so I'm not sure how it will go," he said.


"The other exams were good. I felt confidence and there weren't any surprises."

Ben, who hopes to study performing arts after school, says he's hoping to get his Level 1 certificate endorsed with Excellence. He needs just four credits - or one paper - at Excellence level to make the grade.

"I did have a really good year this year, I had amazing teachers so I'm quite confident.
And a little bit nervous, but what's done is done, you can't change it."

NCEA results will be online sometime tomorrow morning.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority won't say exactly when, but has advised students that if they have any trouble accessing results, there will be call centre staff on hand to help.

There were 119 NCEA exams sat over four weeks at the end of last year, with papers marked by panels around the country before Christmas.

From Thursday 14 January, students who have paid their fees and completed NCEA or University Entrance will be able to order their certificates online. Answer booklets will be returned from late January.

New Zealand Scholarship results are due out Tuesday, February 9, 2016.