Scouts from all over the world have been on an adventure of choice in Rotorua during the past couple of weeks.

Every three years New Zealand Scouts hold the New Zealand Venture which sees over 1000 Scouts aged 14 to 18 come together for two weeks of outdoor and indoor adventures.

From January 3 to 14, Inferno 2016 is the 13th New Zealand Venture to take place, drawing teenagers from Invercargill, Auckland, Nelson, Germany, Finland, and Australia.

The teens fundraised so they can pay their way to be able to take part in activities like building a car, learning to cook in a commercial kitchen, to rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, tramping, or paintball and the list goes on.


Venture director Cory Lang said it was about being able to provide the most of all the opportunities that they had to all the young people.

"It's about new experiences, it's about being able to enjoy yourself in a safe environment. It's about making friends and doing things you wouldn't necessarily do when you're at home."

He said New Zealand had a lot to offer.

"Rotorua is an excellent venue to stage an event like this. It's an opportunity for us to be able to put a programme together that they can enjoy and be educated ," Mr Lang said.

Robert Slater, Australian scout leader, said the teens loved it because they chose to come.

"It's not like a school camp where they have to be here, they actually want to be here. They can opt in or out of the activities, it's fully up to them which is great because it gives them some responsibility," Mr Slater said.

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Ashleigh Turton, 16, said she loved everything about the event.

"Building a car and racing it was fun because I love cars."

While Cameron Thompson, 14, said he enjoyed being able to relax.

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