A new year means a new you, at least that's what plenty of locals will be hoping as they start the journey to getting fit and healthy.

Owner of CrossFit Rotorua, Munz Waerea said that since starting back on Tuesday there had been a big intake for CrossFit.

"We have had a lot of people come back because they want to get back to what they were before the break, and new people as well."

He said there were some who wanted to cut back on alcohol and cigarettes, and others who just wanted to get fit and healthy.


"Our biggest intake is always at this time. People are starting the year fresh and want to achieve their goals and resolutions," Mr Waerea said.

Owner of Golds Health and Fitness, Steve Gardiner said they had also had an influx.

"Right throughout Christmas, people have made the commitment. People have been buying memberships and packages for others as gifts. Sometimes it's a partnership thing or a family thing. It's often about practicing good health throughout the family."

He said they had also seen a big up surge from tourists and people from out of town who were keeping up their commitments.

"It's definitely the busiest time of the year, it's natural so we don't have to do a lot of advertising, people just gravitate to great facilities."

Mr Gardiner said the gym was expecting an exponential year with more and more people wanting to take care of their bodies by giving up bad habits.

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"It's encouraging to see people wanting to quite smoking and alcohol, to break one habit you have to create another habit."

Jenny Craig dietitian Jemma O'Hanlon said the weight loss company had many people signing up to their programme in the new year.

"The new year is a time when people are highly motivated to make changes to their lifestyle and we have many people coming to Jenny Craig, wanting to make a real, lasting change."

Rotorua woman Keri Buckley is one of the locals on a mission to lose weight this year, saying she hates seeing herself in the mirror and wants to fit into clothes she actually likes.

Ms Buckley is currently a size 22 and has set a goal of reaching size 16 by the end of the year.

"My ultimate goal for the year is to get down to 100kg, which is going to be a mission and a half, so I figure if I go by clothes size it will feel more attainable. 20kg in 12 months is a lot to shed but I'm determined to achieve my goal.

"My motivation for wanting to lose weight is that it's hard to find clothes I like in my size, along with hating seeing myself in the mirror. I can no longer just accept the look of my body, I need to change it. I am also giving up smoking so I figure it's a good time to jump on top of it all."

She said she planned to achieve her goals by eating healthier and exercising daily.

"The walks I'm doing will become longer and more challenging each week so my body doesn't get used to it. I'm also drinking a lot more water and not sitting down to do everything.

"I have a lot of support from my family and partner, which I am so so grateful for, because without their support I would surely fail."

Ms Buckley said the most challenging thing so far had been the cost of buying healthy food.

"You can get a lot more processed junk for your money than you can if you're buying fresh products so that's a challenge. I know some mornings I will wake up feeling crappy and not want to stick to the plan - just give up for the day, but my size 16 jeans are waiting, and I can't wait to finally rock my sexy butt off in them.

"I used to only make New Year's resolutions because my mum said I had to, but when I left home I didn't bother making any. This year I decided it was time to quit the ciggies, and then the weight loss goal just spawned from that. I don't think the time of the year makes it any different, it's my mindset that has changed. It's my time and I'm ready."

Tips to stay motivated:
* Set yourself a couple of smart goals. Make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Set some short term goals that are easily achievable as well as some longer term goals that you can work towards.
* Focus on your portion sizes. Eating off a smaller plate will make your portions appear larger.
* Fill half of your plate with non-starchy veggies at every meal. Aim for five serves of veggies every day.
* Take 20 minutes to eat your meals mindfully and enjoy your meals without distractions.
* Wear a pedometer and track your steps - aim for 10,000 steps each day.
* Go for a walk around the block on your lunch break.
* Make sure you have a supportive network around you to support you on your weight loss journey.
- Jenny Craig dietitian Jemma O'Hanlon