Rotorua had a dry year with 200mm less rainfall than average but experienced normal temperatures, according to resident weatherman Brian Holden.

Mr Holden compiled a summary of the weather trends for last year, recorded at his Springfield base.

He said 2015 was a normal year for Rotorua, with a mean temperature of 13C.

"This is despite most months being lower than normal, especially over the winter period. This was offset by a particularly warm and dry January.


"About 31 frosts were recorded at the Springfield site, which is on a par with last year."

Mr Holden noted it was a comparatively dry year with 1309mm of rain, about 200mm less than the yearly average of 1587mm.

He said the amount of rainfall was well below normal most months. "Over the January-February-March quarter, the rainfall was less than half of what would normally be expected.

"This was partially offset with the July-August-September quarter being wetter than normal, as were the months April and November."

Mr Holden said Rotorua had 45-knot winds one day last year, but typically saw very little wind. "Rotorua is fortunate enough to be officially one of the least windy places in the country," he said.

"Seldom does it reach 40 knots, but there was a maximum gust of 45 knots on October 17. Stronger gusts are typically recorded at the airport."

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According to Mr Holden, September had the most rainfall while December had the least and August 5 saw the most rainfall in one day.

The coldest day was July 14 with -3.3C and the warmest was January 24 with 29.3C.

2015 weather observations:

* Mean air temperature: 13C.

* Lowest air temperature: -3.3C, July 14.

* Highest air temperature: 29.3C, January 24.

* Lowest ground temperature: -5C frost, May 3.

* Total ground frosts: 31.

* Total rainfall: 1309mm.

* Highest monthly rainfall: 180mm, September.

* Lowest monthly rainfall: 29mm, December.

* Highest daily rainfall: 59mm, August 5.

* Highest wind gusts: 45 knots, October 17.