Rotorua is one of Andre Manella's favourite places to perform - it is the crowd that makes it so special, he says.

Manella, also known as Sonic Delusion, is playing two gigs in local bars this weekend. Tonight, he is at Okere Falls Store and on Sunday at Brew Bar on Eat Streat.

The Swiss-Kiwi electro-folk raconteur is excited to be back.

He is on a solo mission but is bringing his well-worn loop pedal for an evening of who knows what.


"The loop pedal is good for people to watch, you can see the layers building," Manella said.

"I build the song on the loop system - it's not just someone with a guitar.

"Every performance is slightly different to the last. I remember playing at Brew and people dancing away - that pushes me."

Manella, who lives in New Plymouth, said he loved both venues. He played at both in January.

"Brew Bar is one of my favourites, really good people and really good beer. It's a good atmosphere. Whenever I'm there I have a good night.

"Okere Falls is a beautiful venue. There was a really good vibe out there."

Manella's back in the studio after this tour, he and his band are recording in Wellington next month and they will be touring the album later in the year.

What: Sonic Delusion.
When: Tonight and Sunday.
Where: Okere Falls Store tonight, Brew Bar on Sunday.
Cost: Free.