More than 1000 submissions have so far been received on Rotorua Lakes Council's proposed Te Arawa Partnership Model.

This Friday at 4pm is the deadline for public submissions to be lodged with the council.

The council has already received more than 1000 submissions, one of the highest responses for consultation on any council proposal in recent years.

The proposal, which has been out for public consultation over the last seven weeks, was approved in principle by a 10-3 vote of councillors at a full council meeting last December.


The proposed Te Arawa Partnership Model is the council's response to local government legislation requiring councils to facilitate Maori participation in council decision-making processes.

It also supports a commitment to build a new partnership with iwi that was part of the Rotorua 2030 shared vision developed with the Rotorua community after the 2013 council elections.

The full 'statement of proposal' and other background information, is available on the council website - -and in information packs that can be collected from Rotorua Lakes Council's Customer Centre.

The proposal sets out details of the council's preferred partnership model with iwi, background, cost estimates, and information on other models also considered by the council.

Copies of submission forms are available from the council and submissions can also be made online.

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