About 600 music-loving locals spent a night under the stars at the Opera in the Pa event.

This year was the 15th performance at Rotowhio Marae at Te Puia, and once again the artists were shrouded in steam from the geothermal valley.

The 2015 edition of Opera in the Pa honoured the brave men of the famous World War I Maori Pioneer Battalion, showcasing songs from that period, with particular acknowledgement of Rotorua's 28th Maori Battalion men from World War II.

Opera in the Pa chairman Trevor Maxwell said the city's surviving battalion members were all invited as guests of honour.


"Their sacrifices are something we can never repay so we, as a community, still remember them."

Mr Maxwell said it was an "absolutely fabulous evening filled with beautiful music".

"The people I spoke to said they thoroughly enjoyed the evening and thankfully the weather was kind.

"There was a good cross-section of the community who came as well which we loved to see. As chairman, I was very pleased with the evening and look forward to seeing it become a regular date on the Rotorua calendar."

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