Rotorua residents are more prepared for a natural disaster than the rest of New Zealand.

Results from a Statistics New Zealand survey reveal a gradual increase in the number of Bay of Plenty households with basic preparations in place to get through an emergency - a trend matched across the country. The survey showed 26.5 per cent of Bay of Plenty households were prepared for a civil defence emergency, while fewer New Zealanders, 22 per cent, believe they have the basic preparations to get through.

However, Rotorua District Council surveys show a much better performance for Rotorua residents.

According to a National Research Bureau survey of the Rotorua community 54 per cent of Rotorua residents had an emergency plan, an increase of 6 per cent on 2012, while 57 per cent had an emergency kit at home, up 14 per cent on 2012.


Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick said it was pleasing that Rotorua was doing so well compared to national and regional figures, but there was still room for more people to get themselves and their families prepared for a major emergency.

"The unfortunate events of Canterbury in recent years should be enough to remind us that we're not immune from the possibility of a major event affecting our district.

"While we enjoy living in a geothermal wonderland we also need to acknowledge that this unique environment comes with some additional risks.

"I urge all residents to ensure they have their own household emergency plan in place and an emergency survival kit set up at home to help get through at least the first few days of a major emergency." Council emergency management co-ordinator Pauline Hitchcock says if people need advice on how to prepare an emergency plan and what should go into an emergency kit, they can visit the council website at or, or contact Ms Hitchcock on (07) 348 4199.