A few trees and branches fell down in wild winds today although Rotorua District Council reported very little damage.

A pine tree blocked one lane of Tarawera Rd about 5km from Rotorua and some branches fell from trees on Long mile Rd. All were cleared up quite quickly.

Mike Davies, general manager of council's maintenance unit Castlecorp, said damage to public areas appeared to be "relatively minor".

"Certainly nothing our teams couldn't cope with," he said.


"A large tree branch broke across a Utuhina walkway, subsequently blocking people's path. However staff managed to cut a gap in the fallen branch to allow people to get through. A digger is on-site ready to move it tomorrow depending on the weather.

"Overall we have things under control with minimal problems to deal with that we are aware of. If people do know of any damage on public spaces that needs our attention we ask them to please contact the council."