NZXC Visit to Malfroy

It was cool when the NZXC racing team came to Malfroy.

After we met them we played the box game. Darius won and I came second in one of the games. I also came third in the race against Dirk but be let us win.

By Tuakana, Room 10



I liked meeting, Dirk, Amber, Carl and the manager Sam. Carl brought his bike into assembly. It was light and had 29 inch wheels. He showed us his cleats and how his shoes click onto the bike.

By Briet, Room 10


I brought my bike to school for our visit from the NZXC Racing team. I liked playing the games especially 'follow the leader'. I talked to Amber. I liked hearing about the bike. It was a Trek.

Carl likes hokey pokey ice-cream , Amber likes vanilla, Dirk likes milo on top of his ice-cream and Sam likes goody goody gumdrop ice cream.

By Teremataora, Room 10