A devastating weapon of war since ancient times, the bow and arrow are now used in a much more mundane fashion - but there's a lot of fun to be had with the modern version.

Rotorua Archery Club president Gordon Randle says archery can offer people an opportunity to travel around the country competing and getting to know different people and places.

And then there's "the satisfaction of getting the arrow in the centre yellow".

"Getting better each time you shoot and challenging yourself is a big part of the fun aspect of archery," Mr Randle said.


"Some of our club members have represented New Zealand at a young age and have travelled to Australia, the US and Poland.

"You can increase your self confidence, gain physical and psychological discipline, upper body strength and fitness, concentration and self motivation," Mr Randle said.

He said the club offered Sunday "have-a-go" sessions with full instruction from club members and the use of bows, arrows and equipment available for a small charge.

"If they wish to go further we can offer advice about what to buy, where to buy it and what would suit you best."

It's also going to be a big year for the Rotorua Archery Club which is hosting two major events in the coming months.

The club is holding the North Island Target Championships on April 7 to 9 at Smallbone Park and between April 16 and 20 it is hosting the Biennial transtasman competition between New Zealand and Australian juniors, again at Smallbone Park.

This is held in each country on alternate years. At present Australia holds the cup having won it in 2010 at Erina Archery Club in New South Wales.

Rotorua's Iori Morley, Elizabeth Randle and Marcus Barclay and Whakatane's Sebastian Ashburn are part of the New Zealand team taking on Australia in April.


If you want to shoot in tournaments at other clubs and attend the Archery New Zealand National Champs you would also need to join Archery New Zealand which is affiliated to the international body World Archery.