Nominations for the position left vacant by outgoing district councillor Geoff Kenny have closed with six people putting their hands up for the job.

The deadline for nominations for the one spot available on the Rotorua District Council was midday yesterday.

The council's deputy electoral officer Kathy Phillips announced yesterday afternoon the candidates for November's by-election were; Victor Storey, Cliff Lee, Dianne Western, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, Brett Marvelly and Bill Hedges.

Mr Kenny officially resigned his position in August to take up a new job in Wellington after a property development found him struggling to pay his debts.

His resignation meant a by-election was needed to fill the vacancy.


New Zealand Post will deliver voting documents from October 25 through to October 30. The election will be held by postal ballot with the final day for voting being November 17.

Votes must be received before midday on the final polling day to be included in the official count.

Preliminary results of the by-election were expected to be released later in the afternoon on polling day, with a formal declaration of the final results to follow five days later on November 22.

Rotorua's last local body election was held in October 2010 and saw one of the worst voter turnouts in history with a meagre 42.9 per cent of eligible voters in the Rotorua District having their say.

The Daily Post will profile each of the by-election candidates in the coming weeks.