Rotorua women now have new tools to help them feel empowered.
Challenge Trust has started the Well Women's Programme, which is aimed at encouraging and equipping women with skills to enhance and empower their lives.
The trust, set up in 1993, recently started providing services in Rotorua and regional manager Neil Denney said the organisation saw a need for the trust to offer the Well Women's Programme in Rotorua.
He said there was no service which women could utilise to empower themselves.
Mr Denney said the organisation was approached by women who felt like they needed direction, which had first prompted the Well Women's Programme.
He said the programme was established because women in Rotorua felt like they had no power in their lives, either with their relationships or careers.
"Some women just need a confidence boost or to learn new skills which will help them on their chosen path," he said.
"The courses will be a non-medical, holistic approach to women's health and well-being."
Courses being offered in Rotorua as part of the programme include self esteem, managing stress, financial management, self defence and Zumba.
He said the courses being offered were designed to give women new skills and tools for dealing with the stress of everyday life and to feel better about themselves.
The courses are all free and open to women of all ages.
He said the courses promoted well being and health and would run once a week over the next six months.
"It is wonderful to be able to offer these courses in Rotorua, free for women," Mr Denney said.
"Guardian Trust has generously granted Challenge Trust funds to enable the courses to be run."
He said the organisation would look at other ways to promote good health and well being within Rotorua.
"We manage a number of services in Rotorua currently and these include residential and day services for youth and adults that focus on recovery and rehabilitation services."
Mr Denney said recovery and rehabilitation could be from any situation including financial hardship, abuse and redundancies.
"We define recovery as people having a real home, real jobs, real relationships, independence and good health, financial security and most importantly being happy."
The Well Women's Programme runs each Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm at Rotorua Arts Village Experience on Hinemaru St.
For more information on the Well Women's Programme email or call (07) 348 0739.