Jordi Webber's had a dream for a long time - to make it in Hollywood.

Now that dream is a step closer for the 23-year-old, after the local lad has starred in the 24th season of American superhero series Power Rangers and will be travelling to the United States to promote the show, before returning home to star in a webseries over the summer.

The prodigiously talented proud son of Rotorua - who was head boy at Rotorua Boys' High School in 2011, and a former member of boy band Titanium - has long held ambitions to act on the world's biggest stage.

His casting as the country music star and Gold Power Ranger Aiden Romero on the Nickelodeon show was his first break into the US market, and gave him a chance to show off his musical talents to international audiences.


When he caught up with the Rotorua Daily Post this week, Webber was finalising his application for a three-year US entertainment visa, taking a break after a gruelling 10 month film schedule shooting Power Rangers, working 10 to 14 hours, six days a week - all before he starts shooting his next project.

"I loved it," he said of shooting the show. "That's the kind of market I want to be in, so it was nice blending with international actors and how they work and operate.

"It was physical, but I train a lot. I've gotten into my stunts, so I'm quite capable of that sort of stuff."

After Webber's promotional commitments, he will return to New Zealand over the summer to star in an upcoming webseries called Oddly Even, a Kiwi drama and comedy.

"It's gonna have quite a few laughs in it - quite quirky, like awkward humour. That'll be my first New Zealand project. Power Rangers was my first gig and that's American, so it's nice to do some homegrown stuff."

Webber has also shot the pilot episode in a World War I series, in which he plays the lead. The series - an action-based TV show about New Zealand horseback riflemen - is being pitched overseas to secure funding to shoot the series.

Somehow between filming commitments, the former boy band star has managed to squeeze in recording an entire album of solo music, due to be released next year.

Influenced by Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, the album follows up a single and video Webber released last year - I'll Be Loving You.

"It's very retro-pop - that's what I call it. It involves different styles of music from the 70s, 80s and 90s - it's got a bit of rock and roll, a bit of funk, old school R&B, but all mixed with modern day aspects to make it still current.

"I'm very passionate about my music as well as my acting."

Webber said he wanted to use his talents for good and has plans to release a song and music video during Mental Health Week in October to fundraise for a charity.

So at just 23, with TV shows and an album under his belt, and much more to come, what does success look like three years down the track for Webber?

"I want to be living permanently in America, with a record deal, as an established artist. I want to be in movies, and be working consistently, as a top actor and a top musician.

"I tell myself the moment I make it in the industry is when I get scripts offered to me and I have to choose between which roles to take.

"That's the goal."