Would you rather swap a can for a cupcake or a workout?

These are just two of the many options some Rotorua businesses are offering in exchange for a can to give to the Salvation Army's foodbank this Christmas.

From Wednesday through to this Sunday, popular bakery Baked Rotorua has been offering a free cupcake in exchange for a can of food.

On its first day, owner Carey Baker said the team was cleared out of 72 cupcakes and they expected to continue to do better throughout the week.


She said the bakery was all about supporting the community and this was another way to do that.

Throughout the year, the bakery was also well-known for its Saturday sports initiative in which any child with a player-of-the-day certificate is able to collect a free donut.

Baker lived by the mantra that one must "give to receive" and after facing tough times herself, something fun like this was a great way to give back, she said.

By no means were the cupcakes small either, with Baker saying those who donated would be treated to a decent-sized and delicious cupcake for their contribution.

The flavours included chocolate, caramel and vanilla covered in a range of colourful sprinkles.

Baker aimed to have more than 1000 cans by the end of the week, which would mean some hard yakka in the kitchen.

She challenged other businesses to get creative and do their bit too. With such a platform, the city could raise loads if everyone pitched in, she said.

For those who prefer to break a sweat than eat sweet treats, the women's Bootiful Fitness bootcamp would be a better can investment.


Women's trainer and owner of Bootiful Fitness Personal Training Kirsty Watts said she was running the can for a workout event to give back to the community.

She would be joining in too, which she said would bring great joy to her clients as she will have "her butt handed to her".

She normally just trains mums, but the can for a workout would be for anyone who wanted to come down, get their sweat on and donate, she said.

The event will take place at Smallbone Park on December 2 at 9.15am.

Skyline Rotorua's annual can for a gondola ride is also set to take place on December 3 between 3pm and 6pm.

People are asked to bring one or more non-perishable food items each in return for a Gondola Ride.