For the last few years Rotorua's Alan Birt has made a special donation to the Salvation Army just before Christmas.

At the start of each year he places an empty jar aside and every time there are loose coins in the bottom of his wallet, down the side of the couch or almost put through the washing machine, he throws them in.

All of it is in honour of his father who loved the work of the Salvation Army.

"We donate because I can afford to just put that little bit aside, and by geez it adds up over the year," he said.


This year the jar had $293.

"If Dad could have afforded to make donations I am sure he would have.

"He will be sitting up there thinking 'good on you son'."

While today is officially the last day of the Rotorua Daily Post Christmas Appeal - that doesn't mean people have to stop giving.

Birt said today didn't have to be the last day to focus on helping those in need.

"Just because it's the last day of the Christmas Appeal doesn't mean it's your last chance to give.

"They're a very good organisation and they really are lovely people."

Salvation Army Rotorua lieutenant Kylie Overbye said all the donations it received meant a lot to the organisation.


"It's really cool what Alan did, especially because he was doing it for his dad.

"He is honouring his father and for us it is really thoughtful and generous."

She said the money donated would give the Salvation Army the ability to buy items the food bank was short of.

"There are a few people in the community who do have a long history with the Salvation Army, who have at some point been helped or who helped others and now have fond memories."

Like Birt, she said the donations didn't have to stop just because the Christmas Appeal had.

"We try to keep our doors open as much as possible and people can still drop off donations any time."