We would not like the opportunity to go by without saying a huge thank you to all the organisers and contributors for the absolutely stunning day, For The Love Of The People.

You delivered a stunning event for people from our community and visitors to Rotorua at Ohinemutu on Waitangi Day.

It was an event with activities for the whole family, entertaining, educational, informative and a most fitting way to celebrate Waitangi Day here in our wonderful city and district.

We believe you showed the rest of our country what can be achieved when like-minded people get together with an idea and then have the ability, along with a tremendous amount of hard work, to bring it to fruition.


We understand financial support is essential and a necessary part of an event such as this, so acknowledge the impressive list of sponsors led by the platinum sponsor, our very own Rotorua Trust.

We just cannot give enough accolades to all those who made the event, For The Love Of The People, possible and in an appropriate way, presented at one of Rotorua's paramount sites, Ōhinemutu.

We feel sure all those who attended this wonderful celebration, would join with us in extending our sincere thanks to the sponsors and for the time, energy and commitment made throughout the year by the organisers, to make Rotorua's Waitangi Day celebration such a success.

Grahame and Sandy Hall

Death with dignity

As a nurse of considerable experience, death has been a long-awaited friend for some of the people I have cared for.

A terminal illness is a time of uncertainty and involves enduring pain in its many forms. This life as it continues may have lost its quality entirely.

It's horrid to experience a constant struggle to breathe, and other debilitating, ghastly symptoms too cruel to mention.

Death is a major event in our lives and as such deserves to be as the individual would wish. It is not always the person who is ill, who decides the next step in the process.


In 1985 when my father was very ill, to show the doctor he did not want his life prolonged, he had to pull the intravenous needle out of his arm!

It is 2020, when we may vote to have an assisted death.

Put yourself in a dying person's shoes if you can.

Can you deny them a peaceful, orchestrated end to a life that may already be hell?

New Zealanders can vote at the End of Life Choice Referendum at the General Election in September.

Arm yourself with the facts at referendum.govt.nz so you may be ready to vote in September to improve our end of life choice.
Tess Nesdale


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