I am appalled at the strategic traffic plan for the eastern suburbs.

Since the Vaughan Rd bypass was dropped, it has become increasingly obvious that Te Ngae Rd will not cope.

Heading out of town recently at 9.15am, cars were stretched out to the airport in a continual close line.

This was a normal day, no school holidays, and yet the road could not cope to reasonable standards.


Plans for a double highway will hardly compensate when finally completed as Rotorua growth will have outgrown the engineers' planning.

Let's hope we never end up like Tauranga, a conglomerate of spaghetti roads that destroy the individuality of this beautiful city.

Alfred Hoyle
Tarawera Rd

No smoke, no taxes

In response to the article in the Rotorua Daily Post about Māori paying tobacco taxes and it being returned to iwi (News, May 15), I would like to say: Stop smoking then you won't have to pay the tax.

If the tax goes anywhere, it should go to the health sector, which is where the smokers end up. It is not just Māori who smoke, so where does the money go from the non-Māori population who pay the taxes? (Abridged)

Anna Garratt

We need fresh input

Regarding fixed terms for councillors (News, May 13), I think it should be nine years maximum. This would ensure fresh input, ideas and skills.

Councillor Raj Kumar's comments are very accurate.

Some long-serving councillors are not in favour of this idea - and that's all it is at this stage.

I guess one gets used to riding the train for a long time.

Alan Mawkes

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