I have to wonder at the continued priorities of our mayor and her followers.

Twenty-million dollars, funded by ratepayers has been allocated for the Lakefront upgrade, the guesstimate financial benefits from which will not directly benefit all ratepayers, rather a select few, yet only $15 million has been allocated towards museum repairs.

This seems irreconcilable given the museum is a quantifiable revenue-earner, income estimated at $2.2 million a year appearing on the council books.

Repairs will be an investment by ratepayers, for ratepayers. The total cost of museum repairs is estimated at $40- $47 million.


Although the mayor mentions "earthquake damage", nowhere in the list of funding contributions is there mention of insurance payout (Local News, May 3). I have officially requested this information from the council twice to be told it will be released "at the appropriate time".

I fear there will be no "appropriate time" because there will be no payout, hence the continued hunt for private funding, hence the $20 million being better invested in the museum.

So much money has already been spent on "refreshing and revitalising the inner city". Now we are told the mayor wants to "reinvent it" - after less than six years of revitalising it!

Why contract professional consultants only to ignore their recommendations as happened in the likely-to-be-"demobilised" green corridor through the CBD?

Paddi Hodgkiss

Fresh faces welcome

In just over six months' time Rotorua will be in the midst of local elections.

Some fresh faces have already put their names forward and this is great to see.

Personally, I can't wait for the meet the candidates functions.

I was pleased to read Kevin Coutts has decided to run independently (Local News April 27) as I am more comfortable making my own decisions and living by them.

It concerns me, when I see other candidates standing as a group, and I ask, will they also be comfortable in making their own decisions?

For me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, who watched our City Focus area demolished and replaced by a conglomeration of concrete and pavers, along with a green cycle way that has done absolutely nothing to enhance the CBD, wonder how those councillors, who approved of this costly project, are now feeling about the way they voted.

We need councillors who are there for the right reason, which is to maintain our city, and not there to make a name for themselves.

It is really hard to watch the council debt rise with so many projects half started and even more in the pipeline.

To Wilhemina Mohi, for withdrawing your nomination, thank you for realising being a good councillor means having the time to be committed 100 per cent.

My wish is for a mayor and councillors who are prepared to listen and, work for the residents of Rotorua.

Pauleen Wilkinson

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