A school bus reportedly missed a kid waiting for it as a thick cloud of fog which "looked like a horror movie" made visibility on the roads tricky in the twin cities on Monday morning.

A Hawke's Bay Today photographer who captured the weather event said it was the thickest fog he had seen in a very long time.

Hawke's Bay Today readers noted on a Facebook post that despite the conditions, there were plenty of motorists on the road not using headlights.

"Still people do not put their headlights on. Stupidity," one person said.

Another noted that it was an "interesting trip to Waipawa".


"Thankfully it cleared but the lack of cars and trucks without fog lights on was incredible."

One commenter said it was "that foggy" that her daughter's bus couldn't see her and "left her behind".

"No school for her today," the commenter, who did not respond to a request for further comment, said.

Others commented saying it looked "like a scene from a horror movie".

A MetService spokesman said shallow fog was reported widely in Hastings and at their Hawke's Bay Airport weather station. Most of the fog had cleared by 9am.

The spokesman said that radiation fog occurs when air cools down below a certain temperature. It is most common in the winter and tends to clear as the sun rises.

In foggy conditions where visibility is severely reduced, front fog lights should be used, and rear fog lights should be used when visibility is very bad.

A police spokesperson said there were no issues reported with the fog.