Dear Jacinda Ardern,

I am writing in the hope you can do something about Father's Day - more particularly the abuse of said day in my household.

I note you and your mates in Parliament are big on the wellbeing thing. In my opinion this request fits perfectly with that on the basis that I'm missing out on any wellbeing.

I would like you to legislate to make Father's Day observance mandatory, even when you don't have any kids left at home.

I should perhaps explain that all four of our children have flown the coop. One even has a child of his own so his wellbeing is just fine.

But because they have all gone I feel I'm missing out. That can't be right can it?

On Sunday morning when I awoke expecting breakfast in bed, a pile of gifts and a completely lazy day, all I got was a cup of coffee.


Admittedly it was a cracker. Mrs