Sometimes, while we're busy doing what we think we should, life gives us an almighty shove in a different direction.

That's what happened to Rotorua mountain biker, business woman and entrepreneur, Debra Brockelsby in 2015.

"StokedNZ was born out of one of those moments. When life gives you such a solid slap across the face that the idea of throwing caution to the wind and giving something a crack actually starts to seem a little less daft.

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"It began with a seemingly innocuous mountain bike crash. From all reports I got up laughing. But the following 12 months spent recovering from the resulting traumatic brain injury were not such a laughing matter.

"It's funny how life had its own agenda. As it turns out, when you're not allowed to read, look at a screen, or ride your bike for months on end, you get a lot of time to think.

"And, it also turns out, that provides just enough space for amazing little ideas to take shape and spread their little roots a tinsy bit deeper into your soul. I wanted to create products that I can't seem to find in shops.

"Well, not the way I want them, anyway. This little company grew out of a desire to make great kit for epic adventures.

"At StokedNZ we like to play. We are mountain bikers at heart and the values and business approach we take reflect this, so our focus is on designing and producing user-centric, functional and simple products. Our first product we've developed is a hooded change towel, allowing you to get changed, dry and cosy anywhere. Simply chuck it on and get changed underneath.

"The company is even named after my favourite playgrounds, Revelstoke in Canada and my homeland, New Zealand. I love the epic, beautiful landscapes we get to play in. Our passion for the outdoors is reflected in our commitment to reducing the impact of our business on the environment. Where possible and functional, all our garments are made out of natural fibres, which means that at the end of their life span we can put these back into nature.

"We're also about people. I love people (well ... most people) and care about being socially responsible. We believe in utilising ethical manufacturing in every aspect of our business. You know, paying people fairly for their labour and such. So we're not going to screw someone else over to give you, or us, a better deal. It is what it is. Our prices are what they are because of it. Get used to it.

"StokedNZ is also about passion. About living and following your dreams. My riding accident rammed home to me just how precious life is. Giving back is part of that.
The 'Share the Stoke' Foundation was set up at the outset of the business and is a huge part of who we are. A portion of every product purchased goes towards this foundation, supporting others to chase their passions, live and follow their dreams. While we understand we can't fund everyone or every epic charity, we can make a difference to some lives.


"Create epic adventures. Love your landscape. Do what lights you up."
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