Create a rejuvenated and freshened version of yourself!

Obviously, you can't step back in time. But it is possible to turn back the clock to create a rejuvenated and freshened version of yourself that will help make you both look and feel younger.

That you can easily create a "new you" is thanks to the professional skills and experience of qualified nurse and appearance artist, Sophia Savage-Jeffares of InjexArt.

Having spent 15 years in the beauty industry, former makeup artist Sophia is an expert in the art of cosmetic injection, channelling her long-time passion for art and design to rebuild lost structures in the face and create a subtle touch of glamour.

It's a fact of life that as we age, our bones and fat shrink and our muscles atrophy, often giving our faces a tired appearance. The affordable and non-invasive solution is cosmetic injection.


Injexart's range of treatments include Botox and dermal fillers, used to treat frown/forehead lines, eye wrinkles, nose creasing and dimpled chins and lift smiles. Botox injections can also successfully treat conditions such as excessive sweating, teeth grinding, "gummy smile" and sagging jowls.

"I take a very conservative approach to achieve the most natural-looking results," Savage-Jeffares explains.

She does this by cleverly enhancing clients' natural features without ever going 'over the top'.

"In this way I preserve and restore their youth."

Former New South Wales resident Savage-Jeffares spent over 12 years working as a beauty and laser therapist, gaining valuable experience in the process.

"I worked with a beauty clinic owner who was friends with some well-known doctors in the field. They trained me on how to treat complex areas of the face. I also worked and trained in plastic surgery."

A testament to her expertise and reputation in her field is the fact that she has worked in Australia with well-known television stars and Instagram models, who of course pride themselves on their appearance. But don't ask her to reveal who they are – Savage-Jeffares is much too discreet to give secrets away.

She moved to New Zealand with her family in December last year, but no sooner had her business opened in the beautiful 1920s Amor Cottage at 135 Wellesley Rd in March, than the country went into full lockdown and she was forced to close. InjexArt re-opened at Level 2 on May 15, with Sophia also offering a service in Havelock North.


Well aware of the stigma sometimes associated with cosmetic injection as a result of well-known international celebrities having way too much of it, Sophia says it's a fact that people have been known to spend hundreds of dollars on treatments that simply do not work.

Her affordably-priced treatments, on the other hand, will do exactly what she says they will do to get the very best results.

InjexArt offers free consultations and Sophia says she ensures they are long enough for clients to start treatment on the same day if they wish.

"Injectable treatments aren't just for the rich – they're for everyone."

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