Well, haven't we all got a buzzy bee in our L&P bottle?

A lot of outrage out there at the moment, about things, deserved and not, but it seems as though not a day goes by where there is not a new thing to be outraged about.

I can't keep up! Just when I think I have my outrage directed at the right thing, there comes another to out-outrage the already outdated outrage.

That's not to say there aren't causes and changes I'd like to direct some of my energy toward, or changes I'd like to see in the world, but all this outward headline guided disgust isn't leaving me any room for personal grumpiness.


I drove across the supermarket carpark the other day and saw the most ideal park on a rainy day.

Three doors down from the main door, no puddles, but as I indicated and turned the wheel to glide into my park of privilege, a tiny car revealed itself to be hiding in MY spot!

Sadly, all my outrage was already used up and I just switched my indicator the other direction and continued to another park, not a hint of anger to spare.

Later that evening I walked into the bathroom to find my 5-year-old using my toothbrush as a shampoo comb for a plastic horse. Full foam, mid comb and not a care.

My bank of infuriation already full to the brim I left the scene and the horse was cleaned.

To top it off walking into the office the following morning the remnants of a workplace morning tea sat, forlorn and forgotten on a table, only 20 metres from the fridge that would have kept them cool and ready to eat instead of warm, inedible, and alone.

Normally my heart would have sunk at the site of an air crusted sausage roll, but instead, I picked up the lonely leftovers and placed them smartly in the bin, and unpacked the full and clean dishwasher to boot, loading the seven cups that had been left on the bench with not a hint of malice!

So you see, it would be in all of our best interest if all this external outrage could be toned down a little and I could go back to being outraged internally by things like someone with a trolley containing 22 items blatantly heading into the 15 items or less aisle!


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