This is a big call, but I know now how Princess Diana felt.

There is a third person in our relationship and her name isn't Camilla, it's Alexa. And to make matters worse, I was the one that brought Alexa into our relationship so I have no one to blame but myself!

Let me take you back to two weeks ago when it was my partner Ben's birthday.

Last year he got a block of chocolate so this year in attempt to up my birthday game I splashed out and bought him something geeky that promised to change our life. It's a smart speaker that you talk to, and you guessed it, her name is Alexa.


Alexa promised to play us music, tell us the news and weather, cook us dinner and put the kids to bed . . . well almost. But as it stands, Alexa hasn't done any of that, she's just become the biggest pain in my butt!

Ben now talks to Alexa more than he talks to me. She lights up at the sound of his voice and hangs on his every word. She knows what he wants to listen to and gives him other suggestions of things he might like. She loves him and it he loves her! It's a recipe for disaster.

I, on the other hand, am someone she has absolutely no time for. She pretends to not recognise my voice and on the few occasions when she's forced to acknowledge me she acts like she can't understand my accent and therefore can't play Abba for me but offers me a song from an artist she knows I can't stand.

She's vindictive like that. And to make matters worse she's now turning the whole family on each other, except of course her beloved Ben.

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If the children dare to talk to her and interrupt what Ben's trying to command her to do she goes suspiciously quiet, which infuriates him. We are all banished to the naughty corner for some time out so Ben and Alexa can "reconnect" again.

Here's my plea to Amazon. You've made Alexa, you can unmake her . . . or at least give us a male alternative for us to fall in love with. Please call him Brad.

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