This week UK TV personality Claudia Winkleman, came out and announced her rather interesting bathroom "open door policy".

"Why would we lock the bathroom door?" she asks.

Her family, including husband and teenagers, are welcome to enter and enjoy the ambiance of their somewhat ostentatious ablutions block in their not so humble abode, while she sits on the throne.

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Now while I know as a father of three young girls that the bathroom is somewhat less private then it was when I was childless, I'm still not sure I'd consider it an "open door policy", more of a "I'm going to force myself upon your most sacred of times because I need to know where the scissors are NOW" policy.

In this day and age of oversharing and everything from new pets to whatever's for dinner tonight ending up online (#fivedollarpizza) are there not some elements of life that should have a hint of mystery to them. A "closed door policy" if you will?

Nose picking. Sometimes it NEEDS to be done. But when you do it in your car at the traffic lights, your windows don't suddenly become an invisibility shield. You can be seen, digging for cold gold by others around you. Closed door policy.

Underwear adjustments. Like the kind that require you to dance a Macarena while hopping on one leg and grunting like a wounded water buffalo. Again, sometimes a requirement, but probably a closed door policy one.

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The "Are those undies clean, I'll just give them a quick sniff and check test" … On second thought this one is probably already firmly in the closed door policy, because if you are sniff-testing undies in public, you have bigger problems than identifying clean undies.

Heating overly stinky meals in the microwave. I love a good fishy feast as much as the next guy, but when it comes to work and morning tea it makes the office smell like a fishmonger's and many other pairs of nostrils don't quite enjoy it as much. Closed door policy.

Yes, it's fantastic that we can share so much of what we do in our everyday lives with our close friends and family, even with Dave the loudmouth from form 3, who you friend-requested because you wanted to see how his life turned out and now he comments on some of your stuff so you can't unfriend him, but some things should remain closed door.

Now if you'll excuse me, my three daughters, cat, dog and I are off to the bathroom.

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