In interviews, rock bands like the Rolling Stones or the Eagles often say it is all about the music.

Fame is a by-product as it has always been the music that drives them.

This is in stark contrast to the modern music world with its endless array of talent shows and forgettable acts. Speak to any 10-year-old girl and she will have dreams of becoming famous by winning a reality television show.

It has simply become too easy to go to the "drive-thru" window of manufactured fame and grab yourself instant stardom. Even rejection on live television can make you a "star".


Don't get me wrong, some amazing artists like Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have been discovered on shows like American Idol. But, the flaws of these reality shows were revealed this week with the bad behaviour of two narcissistic and basically unknown judges.

Married couple X Factor NZ judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills clearly rated themselves and were a fine example of how having "the look" or even "a look" is now more important than talent. They sat in judgment of young wannabes desperate for a big break when they were not qualified to judge. Thankfully they were axed.

It is significant that the Eagles' Joe Walsh, one of the greatest rock guitarists, is currently visiting the Bay. I did not go to the concerts in Auckland last weekend, but by all accounts Walsh stole the shows. Here is a man who has survived many trials and tribulations, but through sheer hard work and talent has achieved greatness.

Artists like him are the true musical inspirations, not no-hit wonders like Moon and Kills.