Disabled car parks, dogs in places they shouldn't be and uneven footpaths were issues raised at a Dannevirke Community Board hosted coffee meeting on Tuesday at The Black Stump.

This was the first of four coffee meetings to be held each Tuesday during August.

As this was the first coffee meeting it was a low-key event.

However, one Dannevirke resident aired his views on able-bodied people who park in disabled parking spaces.


"I spent an hour a day over a period of eight days observing disabled parking spaces and over that time I recorded 33 vehicles parked illegally. Imagine how many parked there over the course of a week," the resident said.

Community board member Ross Macdonald felt there would be a council bylaw covering disabled parking spaces but realised it would be a question of policing them.

Another resident said she had suffered a fall and subsequent injuries because of the unevenness of the footpath outside a High St takeaway.

An issue raised by board member Kim Spooner-Taylor was dogs in areas where they were not permitted, such as the Dannevirke Domain and High St.

She felt dog owners should be more aware of the areas where dogs were banned.

Board members are happy to discuss any issues the public has at the coffee mornings.