Covid-19 Coronavirus has taken over our minds and energy during these past few weeks.

Messages of what it is to, how to protect yourself, to plans around getting kai to our iwi members, and already we are sharing concerns about what we will do if someone in the family dies.

You may be contemplating or wondering what to do for tangihanga during these extraordinary times.

There's so much advice, policy, tikanga and rules around what should be done during tangihanga, but it's really about whānau taking control.


Although right now I'm as strong as an ox, I have this Ode to Covid for my kids, moko, whānau, hapū and iwi.

To my mokos and kids
If I die today — bury me straight away
Bury me quick, bury me quiet
Tika tonu this is love uee!

No tears, no tradition, no throngs can defeat this thing
Only love And I love you all

No marae No goodbye
Tika tonu This is love uee!

Pray for the healing hands
That day by day eye death

The labourers, the leaders, the legions of volunteers
Tika tonu this is love uee!

I'm shrowded in my reo
Aroha manaaki wairua
Bury me quick bury me quiet
Tika tonu this is love uee!

I've booked a room in Hotel Hawaiki for you and me
For eternity Life death love is forever
Bury me quick bury me quiet
Bury me close


Come the day to cry
Create and celebrate the beast is dead Hareruia!
But not today
Tika tonu this is love uee!

My breath of life lives on
In my charging mokos, my handsome sons, my haughty daughters
Tihei mauriora!

Bury me quick quiet and close
Tika tonu this is love uee!