Rizwaana Latiff wants to empower people.

Since immigrating to New Zealand from South Africa 19 years ago, Latiff has been involved with a number of volunteer organisations - all of which have a strong community focus.

She has served as president of both the Multicultural Association and Zonta and been a part of the Hawke's Bay Settlement Forum.

Her first foray into politics was contesting the Hastings-Havelock North ward byelection in 2017.


Despite being unsuccessful, she says it provided her with experience.

"I feel the need to have a voice in the council. I feel that the demography of the councillors is not reflective of the demography of our community."

Her priorities include; listening to our communities, safe water, working with Youth in the education sector and achieving optimum results for Hastings ratepayers, community groups and businesses.

She said her three decades as a nurse and midwife also put her in good stead to become a member of the Hawke's Bay District Health Board, she says.

It has given her a "passion for advocacy with a focus on transparency and practical decision making".

Latiff lives in Hastings with her husband and children and is a proud Muslim.

"For me, it has always been about inclusivity. But it goes both ways - inclusiveness helps with tolerance, understanding and cohesiveness.

"That's what we want to achieve because the world is becoming smaller, it's becoming more multicultural and we need to learn to be in a society that works well together."


While she has an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by migrants, Latiff says she wants to represent everyone.

"My aim is to listen, learn and inject new leadership into our beautiful and vibrant city that has the potential to be so much more."