Visiting Finance Minister Grant Robertson says despite a slowing global economy, Hawke's Bay continues to do well.

Grant Robertson was in the region on Tuesday, along with Wairarapa-based Labour MP Kieran McAnulty to speak with local community and business leaders.

He told Hawke's Bay Today that despite two of Hawke's Bay's major exports, forestry and dairy, struggling at the moment, the Hawke's Bay economy remains strong.

Forestry has seen a recent drop in prices, and Fonterra has announced it will be unable to pay its shareholders a dividend.


"The global market is the real driving force here and there definitely has been a slowing of the global economy.

"But I actually think it is important to remember the global economy is still growing, it's just growing at a slower rate than it was.

"Those challenges are being reflected in all of the exporters. New Zealand's exports are still going relatively well."

He said Hawke's Bay had a strong economy because it has both land-based primary industries, such as horticulture, as well as having innovative businesses based in the region, including the Havelock North based business Fingermark, which Robertson visited during his trip.

Fingermark designs, builds and deploys technology solutions to help businesses with operational efficiency, revenue gains and enhanced customer experiences, and works with some major global players such as McDonald's.

"It's really a fantastic example of what we want to see happening in regions like Hawke's Bay," Robertson said.

"Here's a great, cutting edge technology company with a global footprint, working out of Havelock North.

"It shows the regions can really lead a lot of New Zealand's economic development, because the people are here and people want to come here."


He said during his talks with community leaders earlier in the day concerns around water, housing and transport networks had all been raised.

"Not unexpectedly they raised lots of issues with me, but also I picked up an optimistic tone as well."