The leader of the campaign to save the Keirunga Garden trees says an alternative option which would see some of the trees saved is still not good enough.

An original plan by Hastings District Council would have seen more than 80 trees in Arthur's Path cut down, before an alternative option was provided by consultancy agency ArborLab.

The new report suggested cutting down 95 trees cut down, and 11 would have their height reduced up to 20 per cent.

Campaigner Pat Turley says Arborlab has in part based its recommendations for the woodland on incorrect information in the council plan.


He said that the council plan was based on the incorrect information that the were at the end of life, unacceptably dangerous and that trees removal was desired by neighbours.

Hawke's Bay arborist Darryl Judd says he is not convinced it is necessary to remove mature trees.

"In Europe many are hundreds of years old and the science shows some of these aged trees are more stable as they have increased in diameter whilst their canopies have declined but still have vitality."

"They are a very important part of a healthy woodland ecosystem."

Due to the new report, HDC has extended the consultation period on the draft plan to April 5. The new report has been added to the consultation as an addendum.

No decision has been made by council, with options ranging from maintaining the status quo to major landscaping.

* The first version of this article said Arborlab's reported suggested cutting down 28 trees. The actual number is 95. The error is regretted.