Do you think you've got what it takes to be a Civil Defence volunteer?

Since the tsunami workshops took place in Napier two weeks ago, the organisation is pushing for more volunteers and will be holding training an exercise and demonstration on Sunday morning in Havelock North.

At 10am, the Hawke's Bay emergency response team will be demonstrating how it
can operate in a disaster.

It will take place at the saddle carpark and surrounding area on Te Mata Peak.


Group Manager Ian Macdonald said Civil Defence volunteers were the backbone of the organisation.

"Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be able to respond as quickly to adverse events or support our community as well as we can with our emergency response team on board," he said.

"Our volunteers help out in many ways, from staffing the emergency operations centre and helping out with planning, operations, logistics and communications functions, to providing welfare and first aid where it is most needed to support community-led responses."

Macdonald said Sunday's demonstration was a great way to see first-hand the kind of work volunteers carry out, and the types of skills they learn.

"Volunteering for us is a great way to learn new skills, while giving back to the community and providing a truly valuable service."

"If you've got the energy and commitment to become a volunteer, come along on Sunday to see what volunteering for Civil Defence is all about."

"Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group volunteers take part in training and exercises throughout the year to learn and maintain skills and relationships with each other, partner agencies and group staff."

For more information on becoming a volunteer, contact Marcus Hayes-Jones at and for more information on getting ready to get through a civil defence emergency, visit or follow Hawke's Bay Emergency on Facebook.