Hastings District Council will meet on Wednesday to learn what locals want the Raureka Parks to look like in the future.

Locals have had the opportunity to submit on the draft Raureka Parks Reserve Management Plan, which looks at St Leonards Park, Ebbett Park and Whenua Takoha Reserve, with council receiving 33 submissions.

Council officers have come up with recommended changes to the plan based on submissions.

One of the major issues bought up during the submission process was the possible future sale of a section of Ebbett Park.


Council has already received a petition with 252 signatures asking the section of the draft plan which would allow the section to be sold at a future date, be removed.

Due to the reaction of residents, council officers are recommending council removes the section of the draft plan which would allow the sale of a section of the park.

The section, along with the rest of Ebbett Park, St Leonards Park and Whenua Takoha Reserve, would be vested under the Reserves Act 1977.

"This will ensure the intent of the gift of land is upheld and parkland is retained for future generations to enjoy," the agenda states.

The land Ebbett Park is on was gifted to the city by former Hastings borough mayor George Ebbett and his wife Eliza Maud Ebbett.

Other recommendations council will consider on Tuesday is a possible fenced dog area in Ebbett Park.

The original draft plan recommended fencing of the playground at Ebbett Park and extending the hours dogs are allowed off leash, with the children's playground fenced off.

A fenced dog park would enable dogs to be off leash all the time, without having to fence off the playground.


However, it would require further community consultation.

Other recommendations from submissions are minor changes to wording throughout the plan.

The draft plan allocates around $1.4 million to be spent on the parks.

Currently, $955,000 is allocated over the next eight years. This leaves a shortfall of just over $400,000.

Council hopes to reduce the burden on ratepayers by fundraising with the local community.

The meeting is due to be held on Wednesday, Febuary 13, at 9am at Hastings District Council.