Hastings residents will have longer to tell council their thoughts on whether 100 trees in Keirunga Gardens should be cut down.

Hastings District Council has extended the consultation period on the Draft Tree Management Plan to March 15 this year.

The draft plan would allow council to remove ageing trees and replace them with a new tree-scape which promotes safety and education.

A spokesperson for Hastings District Council said an area in Keirunga Gardens, called Arthur's Path, contains about 100 ageing trees that are reaching the end of their natural life.


"Council has been dealing with tree failure (falling) over the past 10 years.

"Failing trees are a public safety concern which must be addressed by council."

They said the plan is a draft which offers a potential option to address the issue, however the plan is subject to input from the community and consideration by council.

The spokesperson said council was aware the park is a much-loved public space.

"Therefore this public consultation seeks the direction from the community on how Council can address the ageing tree issue whilst ensuring the landscape is protected for future generations."

In total, the draft plan has allocated $190,000 to tree removal, irrigation and planting, spent from 2019-2023.

The majority, $100,000, would be spent on removal, with $30,000 allocated for irrigation and $60,000 for replanting.

The plan states trees in Arthur's Path range from 10 to 80-plus years of age.


It also noted significant soil erosion had occurred due following the loss of trees in the area, opening the canopy and allowing high winds through. This increased the likelihood of trees blowing over during a severe weather event.

The draft plan, and consultation form, can be found on Hastings District Council's website.