As the Christmas Cheer Appeal is literally wrapped up for another year some late donations have given the vital cash fund a great boost.

The fine musical notes of the Ukuleleladies in Napier delivered a terrific $600 which along with $250 from the Rotary Club of Napier, $200 from the Cosmopolitan Centennial Trust and an anonymous donation of $101 pushed the total up over $9000 — a top effort as the money is used to help buy the huge amount of food needed for about 500 parcels in Hastings and the same number in Napier.

Thousands of people will benefit from the community's generosity.

Andrew Reyngoud, part of the crew who steer the Hastings side of the appeal, said there had also been great support from businesses like Pak'nSave who provide goods at a discounted cost plus transport and a forklift to unload it at the packing site.


There was also a boost to the gift side of the annual appeal through A Children's Christmas Foundation which was sparked up by Craggy Range with the support of a string of business partners.

The foundation collected hundreds of sporting items and books for kids and as well as distribute to families in need they happily delivered a good number of items in support of the cheer appeal.

The foundation had worked in with Ana Apatu, chief executive of the Wharariki Trust, to help co-ordinate their distribution of gift packs, and she was happy to throw her support behind the cheer appeal, packing parcels along with about 25 other willing helpers at the Hastings packing HQ.

Brendon Smith from Pak'nSave and Eastern and Central Community Trust's Mark Kilmister also called by to do some packing.

Reyngoud said it was always great to see the enthusiasm of the volunteer packers.

"This is their way of helping contribute to the community and they are more than happy to give their time."

As were the good sized crew of enthusiastic volunteers who put together the hundreds of parcels at the Napier Christmas Cheer Appeal packing HQ.

The parcels will be going out people who would otherwise struggle to create a merry Christmas without the support of the community.


The Christmas Cheer Appeal has been wrapped up for another great year.


Previously acknowledged $7885

Ukuleleladies $600

Rotary Club of Napier $250

Anonymous $101

Cosmopolitan Centennial Trust $200

Total $9036