Cattle prices rose after the rain kept coming at yesterday's Stortford Lodge store sale.

Good store lambs continued to sell well in a mostly quality yarding of about 2500 head.

The cattle yarding of about 1000 head was mostly yearling stock of top quality and demand for them was strong with a pen of 266kg angus steers making $3.96/kg or $1055/head.

Buyers were from Hawke's Bay, Feilding and Tolaga Bay.



Steers: 2yr, Waikareao Station, Te Aute, 24 ang, av weight, 513kg,322c/kg, $1655/head; Glenfalloch, Maraekakaho, 16 sth dev, av weight 564kg, 313c/kg, $1770/head; Matangi Farm, Makaretu, 22 ang-cross, av weight, 493kg, 302c/kg, $1490/head; G and J Steenkamer, Maraetotara, 13 here-cross, av weight, 536kg, 317c/kg, $1705/head. Yrling, F and M Goulding, Waiwhare, 45 ang, av weight, 454kg, 331c/kg, $1505/head; 33 ang, av weight, 386kg, 349c/kg, $1350/head; Ngamahanga Station, Kawera, 30 ang, av weight, 410kg, 347c/kg, $1425/head; 20 ang, av weight, 430kg, 338c/kg, $1460/head; Emerald Hill, Waihau, 45 ang, av weight, 391kg, 341c/kg, $1335/head; Maunganui Station, Te Pohue, 40 ang, av weight, 353kg, 372c/kg, $1315/head; Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 40 ang, av weight, 358kg, 354c/kg, $1270/head.

Williams Hill Station, Puketitiri, 19 charo-cross, av weight, 404kg, 330c/kg, $1335/head; five charo-cross, av weight, 315kg, 327c/kg, $1030/head; April 24 Trust, Te Aute, 25 ang, av weight, 333kg, 361c/kg, $1205/head; 14 ang, av weight, 300kg, 383c/kg, $1150/head; 13 charo-cross, av weight, 368kg, 341c/kg, $12360/head; nine sth dev-cross, av weight, 358kg, 353c/kg, $1265/head; Roscommon Farm, Wairoa, 20 ang and ang-here, av weight, 392kg, 368c/kg, $1445/head; Waipiropiro, Poukawa, 15 ang, av weight, 308kg, 359c/kg, $1110/head; 13 ang, av weight, 266kg, 396c/kg, $1055/head; Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, 25 ang, av weight, 333kg, 375c/kg, $1252/head; Mangaroa Farm, Rosser Rd, 20 here-fries, av weight, 385kg, 325c/kg, $1255/head.

Mangatawhiti Station, Wairoa, 23 ang, av weight, 379kg, 360c/kg, $1370/head; 13 ang, av weight, 367kg, 378c/kg, $1390/head; seven here-cross, av weight, 419kg, 348c/kg, $1460/head; S Ridge, Pongaroa, 14 18mth ang, av weight, 390kg, 292c/kg, $1140/head; Willow Tree Farm, Matapiro, 11 ang, av weight, 471kg, 322c/kg, $1520/head; Clifton Station, Clifton, nine ang, av weight, 337kg, 378c/kg, $1280/head; Oban Station, Raukawa, 10 ang, av weight, 375kg, 336c/kg, $1265/head; five ang-cross, av weight, 401kg, 301c/kg, $1215/head; Wrekin Station, Waiwhare, 10 ang, av weight, 364kg, 347c/kg, $1265/head.

Bulls: 2yr, Woodstock Farm, Takapau, 15 ang, av weight, 408kg, 262c/kg, $1070/head; seven fries, av weight, 411kg, 267c/kg, $1100/head; I Pullar, Tutira, five here-cross, av weight, 456kg, 295c/kg, $1360/head. Yrling, Okawa Station, Okawa, 44 sth dev-cross, av weight, 546kg, 307c/kg, $1680/head; 23 sth dev-cross, av weight, 466kg, 317c/kg, $1480/head; 29 sth dev-cross, av weight, 457kg, 314c/kg, $1440/head; J Gilmore, Sherenden, 25 fries, av weight, 381kg, 288c/kg, $1100/head; Pickett Farming, Wairoa, 32 fries, av weight, 358kg, 280c/kg, $1005/head; April 24 Trust, Te Aute, five sth dev-cross, av weight, 420kg, 257c/kg, $1080/head; Waipiropiro, Poukawa, seven ang, av weight, 304kg, 264c/kg, $805/head; Huatoki Farm, Waipukurau, six simm-cross, av weight, 347kg, 260c/kg, $905/head; Oakcott Ventures, Takapau, five here-cross, av weight, 403kg, 266c/kg, $1075/head.

Heifers: Yrling, Mangatawhiti Station, Wairoa, 26 ang, av weight, 328kg, 332c/kg, $1090/head; B Farquharson, Rissington, 20 here-fries, av weight, 344kg, 309c/kg, $1065/head; 16 here-fries, av weight, 324kg, 311c/kg, $1010/head; 10 ang, av weight, 341kg, 311c/kg, $1060/head; 15 here-cross, av weight, 360kg, 318c/kg, $1145/head; Sentry Hill P/ship, Makaretu, 21 crossbred, av weight, 357kg, 310c/kg, $1110/head; 18 here-fries, av weight, 321kg, 308c/kg, $990/head; R and W Wilson, Crownthorpe, 17 ang, av weight, 262kg, 286c/kg, $750/head; M Willis Family Trust, Porangahau, 17 ang-here, av weight, 307kg, 333c/kg, $1025/head; Pokopoko Station, Tuai,14 simm-cross, av weight, 331kg, 324c/kg, $1075/head.


Ewes: Wairunga, Maraetotara, 47 ewes, $130; 39 ewes, $119; 15 ewes, $96.


Hoggets, lambs at foot: B Smith, Hastings, 15 hgts, 16 lambs, $87 all counted.

Lambs: Allen Farming, Mangleton, 121 c/o, $118; 252 c/o, $112; 219 m/s b/f, $110; 223 m/s b/f, $104; 227 c/o, $104; Tyrone Farm, Blackburn Ridge, 50 ram, $130; 214 ram, $107; 13 ram, $117; 148 ram, $101; 37 ram, $93; C and J Lee, Kaiwaka, 126 c/o, 126 c/o, $107; M Willis Family Trust, Porangahau, 103 m/s b/f, $119; 147 m/s b/f, $106; 128 m/s b/f, $102.50; 137 m/s b/f, $92.50; Clovelly Farm, Waipukurau, 109 m/s b/f, $109.50; Awakere Farm Crownthorpe, 50 weth, $119; Taihoa Station, Tutira, 56 ewe, $100; 70 male, $105; 95 m/s, $93; 34 m/s, $119.50; Awanui, Pakipaki, 244 m/s b/f, $98.50; 80 m/s, $92.50; I and P Reube, Te Awa, 62 c/o, $106; 55 m/s, b/f, $106.50; Watts and Son, Tutira, 127 m/s, $92; 26 m/s, $108; W4 Farming, Highway 50, 68 m/s b/f, $94; 59 m/s, $90; 46 m/s b/f, $76; T Pearse, Puketitiri, 31 ewe, $88; Wairunga, Maraetotara, 25 m/s, $126; 51 m/s, $108; 34 m/s, $77.

Prime sale

Heavy cattle and good lambs sold well at Monday's sale.

Heavier ewes eased but lighter sorts sold surprisingly well in a big yarding.

The feature of the cattle yarding of 56 head was the big weights in some pens. One angus ox weighed 835kg and another pen weighed 810kg.


Oxen: (Fries, ang, ang-cross, here-cross) Av weight, 500kg to 835kg, 285c/kg to 30-6c/kg, $1377/head to $2379/head.

Heifers: (Here-cross, fries, ang, dairy-cross) Av weight, 406kg to 550kg, 255c/kg to 287.5c/kg, $1037/head to $1542/head.

Cows: (Fries) Av weight, 467kg, 256c/kg, $1196/head.


Ewes: Slipe, good, $145 to $159.50; med, $131 to $141; lighter, $125; woolly, med, $140.50; lighter, $122 to $127; shorn, good, $150 to $156.50; med, $131 to $141; lighter, $124.50 to 4128.

Lambs: Hoggets, l/t, ewe, $129; male, $183. New-season, ewe, $160 to $180; male, $100 to $213; m/s, $80 to $202.■