Cattle prices reflected the fact that Hawke's Bay has had plenty of rain in the last week or so.

Most cattle prices were $100 a head up on previous weeks for a mostly good quality yarding of about 1000 head.

However, the confidence did not carry over to the lamb pens where prices were on a par with last week for a yarding of about 4000 head.

A big bench of buyers came from Hawke's Bay, Christchurch, Wairarapa, South Auckland, Taupo, Turangi, Hunterville, the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne.



Cows with calves at foot: Mahurangi Ltd, Wairoa, eight 3/4yr here, eight calves, av weight, 494kg, 303c/kg, $1500/head.

Steers: 2yr, Western Hills, Dartmoor, 20 ang, av weight, 640kg, 303c/kg, $1945/head; Omakere Station, Omakere, 40 ang, av weight, 436kg, 351c/kg, $1530/head; 17 ang, av weight, 399kg, 356c/kg, $1425/head; 21 ang-here, av weight, 454kg, 351c/kg, $1595/head; R Thompson, Nuhaka, 13 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 502kg, 323c/kg, $1635/head; C Munro, Pakipaki, five here-fries, av weight, 505kg, 316c/kg, $1600/head. Yrling, E Chisholm and B Tuanui, Chatham Island, 14 here, av weight, 309kg, 355c/kg, $1100/head; 18 here, av weight, 264kg, 351c/kg, $930/head; Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 17 here-cross, av weight, 250kg, 342c/kg, $860/head; nine here, av weight, 204kg, 344c/kg, $705/head; R And J Holmes, Chatham Island, 15 sth dev-cross, av weight, 367kg, 345c/kg, $1270/head; five sth dev, av weight, 323kg, 368c/kg, $1190/head; K Ullyatt, Waikoau, 14 fries-cross, av weight, 332kg, 290c/kg, $965/head; five here-fries, av weight, 313kg, 290c/kg, $910/head; five fries-cross, av weight, 259kg, 266c/kg, $690/head; Te Awatapu Downs, Chatham Island, 14 sth dev-cross, av weight, 321kg, 344c/kg, $1110/head; W4 Farming, Maraekakaho, eight ang, av weight, 370kg, 360c/kg, $1335/head; five here-fries, av weight, 363kg, 340c/kg, $1235/head.
Bulls: 2yr, R Thompson, Nuhaka, 33 crossbred, av weight, 518kg, 323kg, $1675/head; 33 here-fries, av weight, 497kg, 297c/kg, $1480/head; 29 charo-cross, av weight, 508kg, 326c/kg, $1660/head; 30 ang, av weight, 509kg, 292c/kg, $14490/head. Yrling, S and H Galvan, Wairoa, 36 fries, av weight, 360kg, 281c/kg, $1015/head; 28 fries, av weight, 331kg, 292c/kg, $970/head; Mahurangi Ltd, Wairoa, 40 fries, av weight, 325kg, 295c/kg, $960/head; Awahuri Pastoral, Ohiti, 30 fries, av weight, 314kg, 293c/kg, $925/head; 13 fries, av weight, 298kg, 304c/kg, $910/head; G Goomes, Chatham Island, seven here-cross, av weight, 332kg, 255c/kg, $850/head; seven ang-here, av weight, 275kg, 265c/kg, $730/head; V Tuuta, Chatham Island, 10 crossbred, av weight, 307kg, 280c/kg, $860/head; six crossbred, av weight, 227kg, 250c/kg, $570/head; M Campbell P/ship, Waipawa, five here-fries, av weight, 248kg, 290c/kg, $720/head. Wnr, Moore Farm Trust, Poukawa, 12 here-fries, av weight, 130kg, 460c/kg, $600/head; 11 here-fries, av weight, 107kg, 475c/kg, $510/head; 19 fries, av weight, 121kg, 414c/kg, $505/head; 26 fries, av weighty, 97kgm, 448c/kg, $435/head.

Heifers: 2yr, D Cameron, Whakapirau, 29 here-fries, av weight, 428kg, 302c/kg, $1205/head; 14 here-cross, av weight, 434kg, 287c/kg, $1250/head; Williams Hill, Puketitiri, 16 charo-cross, av weight, 431kg, 301c/kg, $1300/head; Belmount, Tukituki, 12 here-fries, av weight, 444kg, 299c/kg, $1330/head; D Grace, Sherenden, five here-cross, av weight, 486kg, 277c/kg, $1350/head. Yrling, E Chisholm and B Tuanui, Chatham Island, 13 ang-here, av weight, 242kg, 307c/kg, $745/head; Stonehenge, Whakapirau, 24 here-fries, av weight, 258kg, 292c/kg, $755/head; 22 here-fries, av weight, 236kg, 289c/kg, $685/head; 20 here-fries, av weight, 221kg, 310c/kg, $697/head; 14 here-fries, av weight, 212kg, 290c/kg, $615/head; A and C Herd, Pakipaki, 10 here-cross, av weight, 355kg, 317c/kg, $1130/head; W4 Farming, Maraekakaho, 13 ang, av weight, 315kg, 317c/kg, $1000/head; eight charo, av weight, 335kg, 318c/kg, $1070/head; Kaiara Enterprises, Chatham Island, 18 ang-here, av weight, 222kg, 314c/kg, $700/head; Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 11 here, av weight, 225kg, 277c/kg, $625/head; six here-cross, av weight, 197klg, 274c/kg, $540/head; G Goomes, Chatham Island, 11 here-cross, av weight, 240kg, 289c/kg, $695/head; K Phillips, Te Aute, five here-fries, 329kg, 307c/kg, $1010/head; Parikimai, Patoka, five here, av weight, 345kg, 291c/kg, $1005/head.


Hoggets, lambs at foot: Awanui, Pakipaki, 37 hggts, 39 lambs, $90 all counted, Awanui, Crownthorpe, 31 hggts, 32 lambs, $87; 15 hggts, 15 lambs, $90; Oban Station, Raukawa, 14 hggts, 17 lambs, $87.50; R Johnston, seven m/a ewes, 11 lambs, $103.50; Te Tua Station, Maraekakaho, 28 hggts, 32 lambs, $90.

Lambs: Mangatapiri Station, Elsthorpe, 223 c/o, $125.50; 200 c/o, $117; Carlyon Station, Farm Rd, 152 c/o, $120.50; 94 m/s b/f, $112; 228 c/o, $108.50; 168 c/o, $101.50; 47 c/o, $91; Netherton Station, Elsthorpe, 262 m/s, $110.50; 241 m/s b/f, $110; 167 m/s, $93.50; 159 m/s b/f, $90.50; 55 m/s b/f, $75; 26 m/s, $75.50; 42 m/s b/f, $115.50; Taumahapu Hills, Tikokino, 126 c/o, $114.50; 145 c/o, $102; 93 c/o, $85; 31 ewe, $105; Motonui Station, Elsthorpe, 209 weth, $105.50; 328 weth, $92; 160 weth, $88; Glen Innis Station, Wanstead, 164 c/o, $102.50; Camot Farming, Porangahau, 217 ram, $106; 140 ewe, $94; 115 ram, $94; 57 ewe, $109.50; 91 ewe, $85.50; A and S Mackenzie, Dartmoor, 92 m/s, $106; 58 m/s, $78.

Prime sale

Cattle pieces remained strong for a quality offering but other classes eased at Monday's sale. The yarding of 40 cattle was notable for the big weights of the offering. The heaviest animal, a hereford-friesian ox, tipped the scales at $710kg.

In the sheep pens ewes eased on last week while in the lamb pens a shortage of quality dictated the prices.


Heifers: (Ang, here-fries) Av weight, 565kg to 615kg, 220c/kg to 281c/kg, $1303/head to $1894/head.

Oxen: (Ang, sth dev-cross, here-fries) Av weight, 632kg to 710kg, $1963/head to $2051/head.

Cows: (Here-fries) Weight, 635kg, 219c/kg, $1390/head.


Ewes: Shorn, good, $156 to $160; med, $126 to $139; lighter, $98 to $117; slipe, med, $134; lighter, $114.50; woolly, med, $137 to $143.50; lighter, $117.

Lambs: Hoggets, l/t, male, $140 to $199; ewe, $145; m/s, $149 to $185. New season, m/s, $103 to $177.