A number of Napier Girls' High School students excitedly sat in beauty salons as hairdressers and beauticians began to prepare them for their big night.

Their beautiful satin dresses hanging from their bedroom doors at home as they prepared for their biggest annual event - the school ball.

Excitement turned to disappointment and sorrow as the school announced an abrupt cancellation on Friday night, due to "health and safety concerns".

The school has made no decisions on whether the ball will be re-scheduled and would not comment any further on the subject.


Eastern Police also said there had been no updates of any note and the investigation into the threat was continuing.

Hawke's Bay Today understands earlier reports of a bomb threat were unsubstantiated.

Police remained in the dark to the nature of the threat as it was "the subject of an ongoing investigation".

"We appreciate the disappointment and impact that this has had on our school and the wider community," the school said in a statement.

"The school ball is a highlight of the year for many of our students and we know that our young women look forward to it."

Not only were the students disappointed by the news, the wider Napier community took to social media to express their regret about the cancellation.

"Well that's totally sad for these girls - biggest highlight of their school year ruined & special memories lost - not to mention all the boarders parents who will have booked motels & now miss out on photos with their daughters & partners," Larrysa Spence wrote on Facebook.

"Hopefully some awesome parents can come together to give them a good night regardless. Would suck to go through all the efforts of prepping for their night for it to not happen at all," said Lei Lologa Lewis.


There's been plenty of speculation for why the event was cancelled with some pointing fingers to the ball's ruptious after-party, but nothing has been confirmed.

However, spirits remained high as Hawke's Bay Today understands that pre-ball parties were planned for those who had dressed and prepared for the occasion, which some the students gladly attended.